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coming april 10 – world party arkeology

It’s been a great year for older music fans. The methods for finding new music continue to grow, and some of the great bands of the past are continuing to put out new and great music.

This year alone, Thomas Dolby is touring, Joe Jackson is releasing a new album and touring and Dead Can Dance is touring (and I think putting out a new album, as well).

And today, I just learned that Karl Wallinger is releasing a new 5 disc World Party set called Arkeology. Thanks to the good folks at, I learned that the new World Party retrospective will include 5 discs of music that Wallinger’s had laying around for the past 25 years. The set will include many covers, unreleased originals and live versions we’ve never heard unless we got them from bootlegs.

Here’s the tracklist. Look for this sure to be great set on April 10:


  • 1. “Waiting Such A Long Time”
  • 2. “Nothing Lasts Forever”
  • 3. “Everybody’s Falling In Love”
  • 4. “Where Are You Going When You Go”
  • 5. “Photograph”
  • 6. “Everybody Dance Now”
  • 7. “Closer Still”
  • 8. “I Want To Be Free”
  • 9. “I’m Only Dozing”
  • 10. “No More Crying”
  • 11. Interview/”Sweet Soul Dream” (Live Radio)


  • 1. “Lucille”
  • 2. “The Good Old Human Race”
  • 3. “Put the Message in the Box” (Live)
  • 4. “Trouble Down Here”
  • 5. “Basically”
  • 6. “Silly Song”
  • 7. “Man We Was Lonely”
  • 8. “She’s The One” (Live)
  • 9. “Ship of Fools”
  • 10. “Mystery Girl”
  • 11. “This is Your World Speaking”
  • 12. “All The Love That’s Wasted”
  • 13. “Lost in Infinity”
  • 14. “New Light”


  • 1. “Words”
  • 2. “Dear Prudence”
  • 3. “Call Me Up” (Live Radio)
  • 4. “Like A Rolling Stone”
  • 5. “Sooner Or Later”
  • 6. “Love Street”
  • 7. “Time On My Hands”
  • 8. “Who Are You”
  • 9. “Sweetheart Like You”
  • 10. “Another World”
  • 11. “You’re Beautiful, But Get Out of My Life”
  • 12. “Living Like The Animals”
  • 13. “Stand” (Live)
  • 14. “Thank You World” (Original Jam)


  • 1. “Break Me Again”
  • 2. “Baby” (Demo)
  • 3. “Ship Of Fools”
  • 4. “Put The Message In The Box”
  • 5. “When Did You Leave Heaven”
  • 6. “Nature Girl”
  • 7. “It’s A Pity You Don’t Let Go”
  • 8. “My Pretty One”
  • 9. “De Ho De Hay”
  • 10. “We Are The Ones”
  • 11. “World Groove”/”Mind Guerilla”
  • 12. “Happiness Is A Warm Gun”
  • 13. “Kuwait City”
  • 14. “Do What I Want”
  • 15. “All We Need Is Everything”
  • 16. “Outro”


  • 1. “Mystery Girl” (Early Version)
  • 2. “What Is Love All About” (Outtake)
  • 3. “I Hope it All Works Out For You”
  • 4. “And God Said” (Long version)
  • 5. “It Ain’t Gonna Work”
  • 6. “Another One”
  • 7. “I Am Me”
  • 8. “It’s Gonna Be Alright”
  • 9. “In Another World”
  • 10. “Thank You World”
  • 11. “Cry Baby Cry”
  • 12. “Temple Of Love”
  • 13. “Fixing A Hole”
  • 14. “Way Down Now” (Live)
  • 15. “Change The World”

Live happenings – part IV – is now available

2012 continues to be a great year for so many reasons. If this truly is the end, we’re going to go out with a bang.

This fall, Dead Can Dance is reuniting with a tour and a new album. They haven’t announced their US dates, yet, but the European dates can all be found at their website.

To whet our appetites, the Dead Can Dance site has been sharing four-song downloads of live music from past tours. This most recent one includes “I can see now,” “American dreaming,” “Sanvean” and “Rakim.”

Pick ’em up now, share your email and stay tuned for more tour details.

Here to help get you excited is this video for “The Lotus Eaters,” one of my favorite DCD songs.


Dead Can Dance to tour in 2012

According to the Dead Can Dance’s website, they’re working on a new album for 2012 and then will be touring to support the record later this year.

In typical fashion, the site’s pretty cryptic about any of the plans or dates. But they have been releasing downloads about once per month with four live tracks in each one.

The third one is available for download now at their site and features Saltarello (“topping the charts in 1462,” as Brendan Perry says in his introduction to the song), The Wind That Shakes the Barley, How Fortunate the Man with None and Dreams Made Flesh.

While this isn’t Dead Can Dance, per se, here’s a video from Brendan Perry’s appearance at Neumo’s in Seattle – recorded by my iPhone (which did a remarkable job with the sound, by the way)…

– My name is Jon Friesch, and I can’t wait to see Dead Can Dance in 2012.


you know what’s a great song?

I’m having an excellent iPod day today. “Lotus Eaters” by Dead Can Dance just came on.

What a fantastic song. Now I can’t wait to listen to more of them on the way home from work.


children’s music for adults

If you’re a music fan with children, you’re constantly trying to bridge the gap between kids music and adult music. The children’s music industry is constantly hurling music like Raffi, Barney or The Wiggles at your child.

There’s a somewhat delicate balance to maintain between providing music for your child that is fun, appropriate and teaches them about music and music that you, too, can enjoy on some level.

One of the considerations is obviously lyrics. The majority view is that if the lyrics are inappropriate, then so is the song. However, how many songs can you remember listening to when you were little that only as an adult did you realize exactly what the lyrics were really saying?

A friend of mine was telling me recently about growing up listening to the Hair soundtrack. She said that she would sing along with “Sodomy,” only to realize years later what the lyrics actually meant.

So I find myself listening to many Flight of the Conchords songs with my 4 year old daughter. “Foux du Fafa” is fortunately her favorite, and not at all controversial. However, when songs like “If You’re Into It” come on, I find myself either cringing or just taking it off.

Another factor for me is if the song is sung by kids. It just seems very condescending to me that children’s songs have to be sung by kids. And it’s never just one child. It’s always a group of kids. There’s probably some clinical, well-researched reason behind this, but I just don’t feel the need to re-enact driving around with a daycare center in my car. So we steer away from those completely.

Fortunately, at this point, some of the bands I grew up with now have kids of their own and are feeling compelled to make children’s music. They Might Be Giants is probably the most well-known of this group, but Barenaked Ladies have also released a CD. For you Deadheads, Jerry Garcia also released an album of children’s songs – Not For Kids Only – about 15 years ago.

I’ve found it very possible – and really fun – to find music in my own library that is appropriate and fun for my daughter. Here’s a sample of what I’ve come up with that she really likes:

There’s also some good songs that were intended for kids that are excellent adult fare, as well. Check out “I Got Six” from Schoolhouse Rock…

“Pictures of Pandas Painting” from They Might Be Giants is also a great psychedelic groove. Here’s a video of it, preceded by “Ooh La! Ooh La!” – not a bad song, either (though more kid-centric).

“Catch That Train,” from Dan Zanes, is a slower folksy song, but if you’re into that (which I am, from time to time), it’s a very solid single…

As I was sitting here finding music for me and my daughter to check out on this sunny Sunday morning, I was thinking of how much fun discovering music is – not only for myself, but with my daughter, too. For those of you with kids, take some time to explore it.


when i think finding new music, i think palyrria

There’s a lot of new music out there. Not sure if there’s a stat for this, but it probably reads like “In America, a new band is formed every 7 seconds.”

Go to any local bar and there’s four guys – two guitars, bass and drums – pounding out some sort of rock. Those bands are pretty easy to find. That’s why I’ve always been drawn to the search for the unique. It’s why I’m in love with the idea of the NewTunes search engine. Even if I’m not particularly fond of the music, I will always appreciate when a band gets up and does something different.

To that end, I give you Palyrria. If you’re a Dead Can Dance fan (and if you’re not, you should be), or have ever crossed paths with the Buddha Bar series of electronic music (the Putumayo of the DJ world), you will absolutely gush over Palyrria (myspace link).

Palyrria is four guys from Greece who create a seamless blend of middle eastern, indian and meditteranean sounds. I’ve always been a sucker for this sound, and I never feel like I can find enough of it. Palyrria has three albums out, and every song is very different.

Check out this video for “Askia” – filmed live (for those of you from Madison, this will feel a lot like eating at the Parthenon on State).


what marketing means in 2008 (with illustrations by Dollar car rental)

While in Vegas, I rented a convertible from Dollar. There’s so much eye candy there, that it seemed an open top was the only way to take it all in while driving around.

On Sunday morning, I returned the car to the Dollar car return area at the Car Rental Return Multiplex Complex. At 7:30 a.m., I pulled the car up to the first spot in lane two and checked out. A kindly, slightly older woman checked us out while we gathered our bags, car seat, etc. She told us we were clear, so we headed off to the shuttle to go to the airport terminal.

It was only after we checked in for our flight that I realized that my black, PC World-swag, CD case filled with my CDs for the trip was left on the floor of the front passenger seat area. This was sometime after 8:15 a.m. I was working against the clock.

Unfortunately, the only number that could be found for the Dollar Las Vegas location was the national 800 number. It required six calls to their national reps before I could find one who would/could accomplish the simple task of getting someone on the phone at the Vegas location and then transferring my call directly to that person. 10 minutes wasted.

When finally through, I spoke to a manager named Jeremy. I told him what had happened and that our best chance of recovery would be to look in the car before it was moved – or worse, put back into inventory. If the case was already gone, then it was equally timely to speak with the woman who checked me out – and anyone else who had been in or around the car in the hour since it had been left.

He told me that he would look into it and call me back. Less than an hour later, he called to tell me the car was where it was left, but the case was not there. Not sure if he looked himself, but he did not speak to anyone who would have worked with that particular vehicle – including the woman who checked me in.

He also looked in the lost and found and said it wasn’t there. However, he also said it was full, so someone may be waiting until Monday to turn it in.

I told him that the more time that passes, the less chance I have of recovering the case and the CDs. He said this was the best he could do right then, but that Marty, the lost and found guy, would call me on Monday.

To his credit, Marty called me on Monday to report that the case was not reported to lost and found. So, I called the Manager’s number and got Jeremy, who told me he’d check the security camera from that area, but that’s all he could do. Then he said, “sorry about this, take care, buddy.”

It is Tuesday morning, and I’d be surprised to ever see that case again.

How does this relate to marketing? Dollar was given an opportunity here. Here is a customer who makes a mistake and leaves something behind – probably not all that uncommon (as evidenced by the full lost and found depository). That customer calls almost immediately and the environs surrounding the case have not drastically changed. The customer is desperate and his experience is now firmly in the hands of Dollar.

A good Dollar employee will do his diligence and take a token look. But a great Dollar employee would run down there and inspect the car. If the case is not found, a great employee will begin asking around to all possible suspects.

But if that great employee is also a manager, he has even more tricks up his sleeve. I’ve been a manager for 10 years, and I’d like to think I could have gotten that case back quite quickly. First, he should have asked the woman who checked me in if she saw or had it. If not, who else has been near the car (she was stationed right next to it). There are other, more extreme, tactics at his disposal, as well.

My next step, as manager, would be to call the customer, apologize and offer a future discount. And if he really wanted to blow me away, offer me some amount of money on Amazon to put toward replacing my CDs.

As a marketing professional, I recognize that each and every interaction, no matter how small or large, has the potential to define my business. Every customer now has the power to reach out to many people – whether its via their LinkedIn network, their Facebook network, their blog or traditional word-of-mouth.

If Dollar had offered me an apology and an Amazon gift certificate to put toward replacing my CDs, this story would be truly remarkable, and I’d be bending over backward to get this story in as many hands as I could. Instead, their reaction was average and lackluster, and… here we are.

This is not to imply that they are responsible for the situation. After all, I’m responsible for leaving them there. That is understood. But they are responsible for the subsequent theft. And despite responsibility, they have a tremendous opportunity to build a story much like this Zappo’s story that has been around for awhile.

“When I came home this last time, I had an email from Zappos asking about the shoes, since they hadn’t received them. I was just back and not ready to deal with that, so I replied that my mom had died but that I’d send the shoes as soon as I could. They emailed back that they had arranged with UPS to pick up the shoes, so I wouldn’t have to take the time to do it myself. I was so touched. That’s going against corporate policy.Yesterday, when I came home from town, a florist delivery man was just leaving. It was a beautiful arrangement in a basket with white lilies and roses and carnations. Big and lush and fragrant. I opened the card, and it was from Zappos. I burst into tears. I’m a sucker for kindness, and if that isn’t one of the nicest things I’ve ever had happen to me, I don’t know what is.”

(Who wouldn’t want to shop Zappo’s after reading it?)

There are a lot of sources for music discovery out there, so it’s a challenge to launch another one and try and make it successful. NewTunes has a remarkable search engine that redefines music search, but NewTunes isn’t just going to succeed simply because we put out a reliable, or even superior, product. We are going to succeed because of the way we treat our customers – or potential customers.

NewTunes will be successful because we will take every opportunity that customers give us to go above and beyond to provide a remarkable customer experience. Because allowing customers to have a horrible experience can equate to hiring people to populate the Internet with stories about how terrible we are.

Incidentally, the music fans among you are probably wondering what was lost. Here’s what I thought would be good top-down, 85 degree, sunny Vegas, strip-cruising music:

Joe Strummer – Rock Art and the X-Ray Style
Dead Can Dance – Spiritchaser
Belle and Sebastian – Tigermilk and The Boy with the Arab Strap
Grateful Dead – Europe ’72 and Dick’s Picks Vol. 3
Neko Case & Her Boyfriends – Furnace Room Lullaby and The Virginian
Thievery Corporation – Abductions and Reconstructions
Jet Society – Eighteenth Street Lounge Soundtracks
Haircut 100 – Pelican West

*Update: This has been resolved, and Dollar really stepped up in a great way.

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